Relayed [verb]

Definition of Relayed:

pass on, transmit

Synonyms of Relayed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relayed:

Sentence/Example of Relayed:

Correy relayed the order, and instantly the rays were cut off.

That was Grantline's first message to us, and Miko had relayed it to his men.

Frantically they relayed orders to the skeletons; orders which did not affect the losses.

Var stared at the screen as the flight was relayed to him, snarling.

Or had she relayed to him words that Wilton had put into her mouth?

We are monitoring his frequency and your call was relayed to me.

Daoud called to Omar, who relayed the order to the flag men.

The retired skipper had only one additional comment, which Barby relayed.

They relayed at the Barred-Horseshoe and went on their way at the same pace.

Occasionally he called “Ke-ack” that appeared to be relayed to far-off conies.