Relays [verb]

Definition of Relays:

pass on, transmit

Synonyms of Relays:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relays:

Sentence/Example of Relays:

At the end of ten miles or so a relay mount was waiting for each rider.

A relay snapped, and instantly the ammeter jumped to read 4500 amperes.

Behind him a row of other exhorters sat, a relay ready to leap to his aid.

Don Mathers adjusted the screen to relay the Kraden cruiser.

It was during a relay that Porthos ventured to interrogate Aramis discreetly.

She's just out o' San Francisco, so she can relay a message, I guess.

If this relay had been in the Foundation building, contact was broken.

The relay is closed, and both tapper and Morse inker begin to work.

Members of the Oxford University 'relay' tea are in fine shape.

Again the bell rang and the sounds of the third relay were heard in the hall.