Releases [noun]

Definition of Releases:

delivery; dispensation

Synonyms of Releases:

Opposite/Antonyms of Releases:

Sentence/Example of Releases:

He has no identification tag; he releases Peabody; seems not to know the penalties.

He protects the weak, releases the imprisoned, and makes great the small.

"The releases were entirely true," Porter said with prim severity.

Do the shoulders all around—about four presses and releases to that.

I promised Connie, and I'll keep my word until she releases me from that promise.

Every time he pulls the lever marked ‘release’ he only releases hot steam.

He nods at him to enforce the effect of this declaration, and releases him.

He then releases me,—generally with a fresh list of instructions.

But all this releases us not in the least from our own obligations to God and our humanity.

So am I,so must I ever be,till Man of his own will releases and redeems me.