Releasing [verb]

Definition of Releasing:

let go, let out

Opposite/Antonyms of Releasing:

Sentence/Example of Releasing:

He had returned, though, releasing Jeter and Eyer from their promise.

He saw it, and releasing her arm he fell back as if she had struck him.

He drew back, releasing gently the white hands that lay in his.

His arm, releasing my neck, fell stretched out on the coverlet.

On releasing the handle the pressure of the water against the valve seats it.

Your plan for releasing the schooner is great; mine for preserving the treasure is great too.

Was it possible that it was relaxing its grasp, releasing its prey?

Releasing her, he half turned, and she sank down in the corner of the cell.

Professor Scudmore must have succeeded in releasing himself.

"Mr. King he releasing you for to-night," announced the silver bell voice.