Relentlessly [adverb]

Definition of Relentlessly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Relentlessly:


Sentence/Example of Relentlessly:

Strive and grope as he would, the thing had driven him on relentlessly.

She would be cross-examined, kindly enough but relentlessly.

The vivid image of Miss Haldin seemed to stand by him, watching him relentlessly.

The dream moved on relentlessly toward its inevitable catastrophe.

“Hit's the fourth time since sorghum time,” the boy went on relentlessly.

Straight out to sea went the boat, not fast, but relentlessly.

Day by day he relentlessly pursued his victim, and yet was mercifully kept at bay.

What must it be to be dogged by a disease as relentlessly as the typhoid had dogged her?

"He's changed terrible in his looks," went on Cecily relentlessly.

Oh, how cruel—how relentlessly cruel—the wind and the sea are!