Relents [verb]

Definition of Relents:

die down; let up

Opposite/Antonyms of Relents:

Sentence/Example of Relents:

Wanhope had the effect of appealing to Minver, but the painter would not relent.

Your mother is of opinion, you say, that at last my friends will relent.

That it could soften or relent, appeared next to impossible.

We shrink not from death, nor relent before any of thy gods.

If he were to relent and give up his scruples would you marry him?

Surely, he will relent now and let the poor lad come hither?

He was an old fool, Ernest,” said I, “and you should not relent towards him.

"Al-f-u-r-d's" sorrow so touched the mother that she began to relent.

You know that I am not one to relent, once I have set my course.

The large eyes filled with tears, but she made no motion to relent.