Relevancy [noun]

Definition of Relevancy:


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Sentence/Example of Relevancy:

Mr. Garth appeared to be puzzled to catch the relevancy of the remark.

This reflection suggested some meaning—some relevancy—in the death's-head.

That is nonsense, because it has no relevancy to the question.

The true explanation is to be found in the principle of relevancy.

All this has relevancy in describing an old-time mate and his work.

In fact, as I think it over now, I can't quite see its relevancy.

"I beg your pardon," said Brian, not in the least seeing the relevancy of her words.

The relevancy of the integrated dress-as-a-whole is quite strong.

He supposed that the argument as to their relevancy might be reserved till the whole body of the testimony was in.

The relevancy of the question shall be disposed of afterwards.