Relevant [adjective]

Definition of Relevant:

appropriate; to the purpose

Opposite/Antonyms of Relevant:

Sentence/Example of Relevant:

Illustrations have been moved closer to their relevant paragraphs.

Yet a spirited and relevant discussion may be conducted in a class of a hundred or so.

For readability, the footnotes have been moved to the end of the relevant chapter.

This I do, because it does not seem to me relevant to the matter in hand.

This puts the argument upon a plane where discussion is relevant.

And this brings us to the real and relevant mistake of Dickens.

The frontispiece was moved to the relevant location (Page 293).

Given his point of view, he is invariably cogent and relevant.

Their feelings are relevant only as influencing their outward conduct.

Is he superficially acquainted with any of the relevant facts?