Reliably [adverb]

Definition of Reliably:


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Sentence/Example of Reliably:

I am reliably informed that there never was a bank in Granby.

I assert that only that has been reliably seen which has been drawn.

The application, therefore, can be valid only if the constancy of general conditions may be reliably assumed.

Name and word recall more quickly, reliably, and energetically the objects they stand for than do the objects their symbols.

I advise you to visit Ireland, sor, which I'm reliably informed is the centhral jewel in Europe's crown of beauty.

I am reliably informed that every American, except we three, left the city some hours before it was captured.

Later she was reliably informed that she had appeared splendidly collected and regally happy.

A goodly number of men before him had altered their humble plans for the same reason, I am reliably informed.

Not a statement within its pages was committed to paper until it was thoroughly and reliably avouched for.

They don't amputate the lobes—supposed to be reliably identified—after carefully trepanning.