Reliant [adjective]

Definition of Reliant:


Opposite/Antonyms of Reliant:


Sentence/Example of Reliant:

He was not particularly handsome, but possessed a strong, reliant face.

There was something so strong, reliant, masterful about her Jack that made him irresistible to her.

She understood the strong, reliant nature which underlaid the quiet exterior.

The utter collapse of the old man, always so reliant before, had served to fire all his latent energy.

We note her reliant step; her form, too thin; her face a little weary from over-hard studying.

The visitor, clearly anything but reliant on this assurance, doggedly muttered 'Alfred David.'

These hardy, reliant men knew how to cut roads, to bridge streams, and to exist on scanty rations.

"Biggle—of course," she said to the little clergyman, who passed on with an air of reliant self-satisfaction.

Now he had finished the circle and was ready to become again his kingly self, his Ram-tah self—able, reliant, fearless.

Still looking at her, he smiled—a smile of reliant determination, such as Chilcote had never worn in his life.