Relic [noun]

Definition of Relic:

something saved from the past

Synonyms of Relic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relic:



Sentence/Example of Relic:

I found it in this cell, after the death of the martyr, and have preserved it as a relic.

The mistresses of the present princes are a relic of polygamy.

I brought out my relic of other days, and displayed it to the boys in the shanty.

But, after all, this is an old-fashioned method, and the rhinoceros is a relic.

"A wonderful talisman is the relic of a good mother, sir," said the old parson.

He found one, after a time, the relic of a ham, with a good deal of meat on it.

There are other countries where this relic of the barbaric ages doesn't exist.

The boot and shoe portion of the first sign was a relic of other days.

Here is the famous "triangular bridge," a relic of the abbey.

It is a relic of antiquity that we ought to get rid of at once.