Relies [verb]

Definition of Relies:

have confidence in

Synonyms of Relies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relies:

Sentence/Example of Relies:

I don't pretend to understand your game, but you may rely on my secrecy.

To do this we must rely upon the methods which we use in any historical investigation.

But henceforward I am able to rely on my own memory as well as on other people's evidence.

She could rely on Donald to help her search for the material.

He and his agent, the Hon. Amos Kendall, determined to rely on private enterprise.

You felt that, come what would, you might rely upon his word.

But as he knew he could rely upon his friend, he resolved to follow this advice.

"However, you may rely on me," Pierre affectionately resumed.

There is no man in this world on whom I could so rely for right guidance, as on you.

If you would have me rely upon your honour, why should you doubt of mine?