Relieves [verb]

Definition of Relieves:

make less painful; let up on

Synonyms of Relieves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relieves:

Sentence/Example of Relieves:

"What you have told me, Murray, relieves me very much," he said.

Why his proposing it makes it perfectly divine, and relieves me of all responsibility.

That relieves me of the necessity of being ashamed of myself.

He stops, and loosens the bandage, and relieves the swollen limb.

All which relieves the subject, but does not remove the error.

“That relieves us of a little difficulty, Nat,” said my uncle.

From the same fund which relieves the sick, are the “wandering boys” also assisted.

This lessens the weight of the column and relieves the pressure at every point.

If he touches neither of these, and relieves the rates, he will have a balance of 300,000l.

It is medicine which prolongs our days and relieves our pains.