Relieving [verb]

Definition of Relieving:

make less painful; let up on

Synonyms of Relieving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relieving:

Sentence/Example of Relieving:

It was relieving to hurry across the dripping grass toward the barn.

Is he not the presiding genius of the company for relieving the Poles?

Why had Plowden, by the way, been so keen about relieving her from her father's importunities?

Soon after relieving Buford, we saw some Rebel infantry advancing.

What you planning to do, Joe, between now and relieving me at midnight?

And he had a peculiar little trick of relieving his kindly feelings.

Was that what Mr. Tooke meant by the surgeon's relieving me of my pain?

They tried to fight the relieving army, and then again they ran for the ships.

If she were innocent, then she must be in trouble, and he hoped to be instrumental in relieving her.

Gaspare was not in the habit of relieving her of her duties.