Religionists [noun]

Definition of Religionists:

person who has faith in something

Synonyms of Religionists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Religionists:

Sentence/Example of Religionists:

The religionist replies that man's mind cannot fathom the will of God.

I do not write as a religionist, but as one very much of the world.

He is an idealist, he is a realist, he is a religionist, he is a natural philosopher.

No religionist seems capable of comprehending this plain truth.

To the religionist this is an indication of the "beauty" in nature.

Still he did not want to become a religionist—a religious enthusiast.

The laws of Nature are the same in effect on the atheist and the religionist.

More than any other merely philosophical writer, it seems to us that Mr. Spencer assists the important work of the religionist.

The work of the religionist is to separate truth from error, to make it effectual in practice, and give it to the world.

At the same time it is a truth which it behooves every religionist and particularly every Jew to believe.