Religious [adjective]

Definition of Religious:

concerning belief in divinity

Opposite/Antonyms of Religious:

Sentence/Example of Religious:

It is not necessarily his own religious belief that he will select.

"I do not agree with you in your religious sentiments, Ashton, as you know," said George.

There was too much political and religious intrigue--she thought.

It is not my intention to do more than touch upon the religious wars of the Cvennes.

"Don't talk like that about a religious gathering, Henry," said his sister, frowning.

For him the intellect as such is the organ of religious truth.

Religious to go and take the land away from people that owns it?

Neither will they be sticklers as to details in religious millinery.

The truth was that he had no religious beliefs or faith whatever.

Not surely so much in worldly as in religious considerations.