Religiously [adverb]

Definition of Religiously:

as a matter of usual practice

Synonyms of Religiously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Religiously:

Sentence/Example of Religiously:

But I've known every bad place in it, and I've religiously put in your "Come, come, child!"

She deserves a social culture, she should be religiously venerated.

These did not appeal to me; I was not religiously inclined just then.

That is to say religiously married, which is all the Church thinks necessary.

Again we are undone, if the French alliance is not religiously observed.

At last the Boy lay down on his belly; and Jabe religiously imitated him.

Really, try as religiously as I will, I cannot help admiring my appearance in them.'

While religiously observing this law we fell to discussing the future.

Put it religiously on a rack which protects the entire cutting edge.

War antagonizes some principle which is religiously or morally supreme for him.