Relinquishing [verb]

Definition of Relinquishing:

give up, let go

Opposite/Antonyms of Relinquishing:

Sentence/Example of Relinquishing:

But not for that did aunt Ann relinquish her quest for the betterment of the domestic world.

The term of your imprisonment ceases when you relinquish the hope of Beatriz.

Casanova promptly moved as if to relinquish his seat in the carriage.

Rather than relinquish her, however, he would have set Rome on fire.

I determined to relinquish every advantage to Grushnitski; I wanted to test him.

However, they were unwilling to relinquish the booty which they had planned to seize.

Did he find the task too difficult, or did he relinquish it from any other motive?

He had told his people that his health forced him to relinquish his work in India.

But there was not a single room to let there; so that they had to relinquish their old dream.

Florent was obliged to relinquish the hope of making a docile disciple of Claude.