Relishing [verb]

Definition of Relishing:

look forward to; appreciate

Synonyms of Relishing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relishing:

Sentence/Example of Relishing:

The water-melons of Africa are not near so relishing as those of Louisiana.

Dip some oysters into the yolk of an egg, and do the same; and also some relishing forcemeat balls, made as for mock turtle.

I was holding the last piece of news for a minute or two, relishing it.

For a while there was a dead silence, save when broken by smacking and relishing lips.

Not relishing this, she hauled down her colours and triced up her sails.

And he took his seat quietly, relishing the sweets of power.

He was not relishing the idea of having to speak to the wife of his patient, but speak he must.

Revolt is none the less revolt for perpetrating and relishing a joke.

Peace is the utmost of my wish, and all that I am now capable of relishing.

"It was my life or his," exclaimed Ryanne, not relishing the recital of this phase.