Relived [verb]

Definition of Relived:

keep in mind; summon into mind

Opposite/Antonyms of Relived:

Sentence/Example of Relived:

We relive and redie and redie and relive, endlessly, ad infinitum.

I too should wish nothing but to relive it all from the beginning.

Whether I wanted to or not, I had to relive the two last hours we'd ever have with Hal.

You must relive this scene for us, becoming first Maggie and then Tom.

This is not the moment to relive that beautiful memory as a whole.

To relive this greater suffering there needs no change of laws, only a change of heart.

He is helped to relive the childhood experiences back of the over-strong habits which lasted into maturity.

What episodes of his life in England did it give him pleasure to relive in memory?

At noon Cranky Joe could stand the strain no longer and opened the door just a little to relive the monotony.

Primal therapy encourages clients to relive early painful memories.