Relocating [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Relocating:

Again the orange sphere halted, as if trying to relocate its victim.

All the boys went out West in an endeavor to relocate this claim.

Still, it's quite likely that a friend of mine will relocate your old claim a little ahead of them.

A Chinese refused to lease land where the Japanese wished to relocate their railway station.

He smiled once, winked twice, and three minutes afterward four men were on their way to relocate that pole.

In more recent years, efforts have been made to relocate the bishop's church in the West End.

A home-hunting force, seeking to relocate the surviving members of our race.

If I relocate the mine I am to receive twenty thousand in cash and ten per cent.

Now, Mrs. Paine, would you please locate—take the 45-inch package and relocate it where you first saw it?

But, with his failure to relocate himself, something went wrong in Herman.