Reluctantly [adverb]

Definition of Reluctantly:

under protest

Synonyms of Reluctantly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reluctantly:


Sentence/Example of Reluctantly:

Slowly and reluctantly, the sailors took their places, for Robert was a favorite with them.

The youth sat down as directed, but reluctantly and with diffidence.

Reluctantly, apathetically, the Leopard Woman's men got to their feet.

"If you're so set on it, I'll see about your position this afternoon," conceded Martin reluctantly.

Slowly and reluctantly I yielded to the fascinations of Florence Lascelles.

She drew her veil around her, and passed slowly and reluctantly from the chamber.

Reluctantly, and as if in pain, the sick lady put out her hand.

"No," reluctantly answered the little fellow, glancing about him.

And why is her own reliance on my honour so late and so reluctantly shown?

It was too late to continue our search that day and we reluctantly returned to camp.