Remained [verb]

Definition of Remained:

stay, wait

Synonyms of Remained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remained:

Sentence/Example of Remained:

Aspasia remained in Athens, triumphant over the laws of religion and morality.

For three days and three nights, Paralus remained in complete oblivion.

For some time after the interview with his father, Paralus remained very wakeful.

We accepted his kind invitation to make ourselves his guests while we remained.

A few days later his small son, who had remained behind, died.

It remained throughout these many changes an important center of commerce.

She remained staring up at him for a while and then ran into the house.

For one moment Dozier remained looking from one face to the other.

She and Jessica remained in each other's arms for a long, sweet moment.

This remained to be ascertained in exploring that river upwards.