Remarks [noun]

Definition of Remarks:

comment, observation

Opposite/Antonyms of Remarks:

Sentence/Example of Remarks:

Nor was there any appeal from the inexorable logic of his remarks.

"But, sir, you have not the proper point of view," remarks the showman.

Now I made some remarks which probably are too obvious to be worth relating.

These are not the author's remarks,—he disowns them; they were Mr. Cleveland's.

He practices a frightful dance, and remarks at intervals, "Jewhillikins."

These remarks were not less favourably received by Mr Dorrit than their predecessors.

Your remarks are just, said Altamont; no name could be more suitable.

It will be seen from these remarks that Mrs Gamp was looking out of window.

Suppose you was to favour us with some remarks on twins, sir, would you be so good!'

The remarks of critics on this superb engraving are very strange and wide.