Remedying [verb]

Definition of Remedying:

fix, cure

Synonyms of Remedying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remedying:

Sentence/Example of Remedying:

He here secretly resolved to devote his life to remedying these evils.

But Dr Chapple would only intensify the evil instead of remedying it.

The laws adopted for remedying these evils were of the strangest kind.

I was always trying some means of remedying this, but without success.

He then told me what it seemed to him I ought to do, in the matter of remedying the mischief I had caused.

The gosha-gr is an implement for remedying the warp of a bow-tip and string-notch.

Thus the punishment increases instead of remedying the evil.

And she had the strongest way of remedying the trouble you ever heard of.

Was there no way of remedying these great and admitted evils?

We might consult together about the remedying of occult diseases.