Remembrance [noun]

Definition of Remembrance:

memory, recollection

Synonyms of Remembrance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remembrance:

Sentence/Example of Remembrance:

You were our only child; named Artaminta, in remembrance of my mother.

When you return, you will find a trifling token of remembrance for yourself and Philothea.

The mighty man of Kittery has a double claim to remembrance.

Old people have a remembrance of a foot of snow which lasted for a week.

He spoke of his mother, he really threatened his father by the remembrance of the dead.

That cottage was drawn with an exactness that proved how fresh it was in her remembrance.

I never will revive the remembrance of what is now so painful to me.

I'll not ask you, with your remembrance of my house and all belonging to it, whether you believe it.

Mr Meagles called only one remembrance to his aid, that really did him good.

The remembrance of my young beloved one gave me courage again.