Reminded [adjective]

Definition of Reminded:


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Sentence/Example of Reminded:

There was something about Mary that reminded one of Ruth Denton, she decided.

But again, in a provoking manner, he reminded me of the prohibition.

It reminded him of Max's boyhood, when he had read to Max at night.

"Not very serious is this conversation, as you have reminded me," he said.

"You were going to tell me why you are called Dog Soldiers," Oliver reminded him.

"There are plenty of dragomans, Madame," Green Turban reminded her.

We seem to be lost to the world, yet now and then we're reminded that we have neighbours in the desert.

"No—I—It was your faith in the mountain that brought us to it," I reminded him.

"You haven't told us yet the name of the man," Anthony reminded him.

How often since I have been reminded of the fish that I did not catch!