Reminder [noun]

Definition of Reminder:

warning, notice; keepsake

Synonyms of Reminder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reminder:

Sentence/Example of Reminder:

Was it an instinct, she wondered—a reminder that there was in them material for manhood?

My uncle seemed struck by the reminder, and became meditative.

The discussion which followed Mr. Tidditt's reminder was long and serious.

Jed, after waiting an instant for her to speak, ventured a reminder.

The assistant had forgotten it, too, but he was thankful for the reminder.

They mocked me with a reminder that Giovanni d'Anguissola had been my firmest friend.

If I have a mercy to beg of you it is that you will not shame me with the reminder.

I have, most certainly; and I thank you for the reminder (replied Euthydemus).

A rental charge of 25 cents-per day serves as a reminder to most customers.

Your creditors are forgetting you, Dan,—not even a note of reminder or remonstrance.