Reminders [noun]

Definition of Reminders:

warning, notice; keepsake

Synonyms of Reminders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reminders:

Sentence/Example of Reminders:

Reminders from that night of the moon prevented him from doing so.

Letters, even the letters of friends, the most platonic letters, were reminders.

The reader of few or of many books may find "reminders" in these pages.

As I neared St. Louis, every step of the way was full of reminders of her.

These reminders of a lowly Past were very distasteful to Claudine.

Five reminders of his homely mug and not a solitary one of the also-rans!

She must get far away from all these associations and reminders; and she must find something to do.

He did not see the boat, and yet he knew it was there, and hurried, hurried on to escape all reminders.

Only I must break off sharp, must escape all reminders by forswearing all returns.

Stocks and other reminders of the old Spanish days are in evidence.