Reminds [verb]

Definition of Reminds:

awaken memories of something

Opposite/Antonyms of Reminds:

Sentence/Example of Reminds:

That reminds me; they're friends of ours, too, and I must have you meet them.

Every now and then throughout the dinner he would say, "Oh, that reminds me!"

And that reminds me: I have a hammock somewhere among my belongings.

Reminds me of a cat'mount I tried to tame once, only he's twice as ugly.

He reminds me of a man I've seen, though I can't recall where or when.

It reminds me, a captive by the waters of Babylon, that God is ever with the friendless.

Something it has--a flavor of the sea, And the sea's freedom--which reminds of thee.

Which reminds me of Burroughs who has been left out in the rain for quite a while.

It reminds one of the young man who said he could not believe in God because he had not seen Him.

He reminds me of the old Patriarchs, who were surrounded by women.