Remiss [adjective]

Definition of Remiss:

careless, thoughtless

Opposite/Antonyms of Remiss:

Sentence/Example of Remiss:

If you will pardon the offense, I will promise not to be so remiss in the future.

Giusippe and I have been both rude and remiss, haven't we, Giusippe?

I was thunderstruck, and tried to think if I had been remiss in anything.

Be so merciful, that you be not too remiss; so execute justice, that you forget not mercy.

He had been remiss to the self-confessed daughter of his enemy.

Our Prior is remiss; our Cellarers, officials are remiss; our monks are remiss: what man is not remiss?

That he failed, or that he was remiss, does not affect the argument.

"The Church may have been remiss, mistaken," the rector replied.

Those within it are remiss if they fail to keep this rule uppermost.

His life's work is to watch for them, that they be not remiss in doing.