Remits [verb]

Definition of Remits:

send, transfer

Synonyms of Remits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remits:

Sentence/Example of Remits:

The stoutest antagonist, if he remit his watch a moment, is oppressed.

Yes—Mademoiselle had charged her to remit the billet to Monsieur.

Be so good as send me Fergusson, by Connell, and I will remit you the money.

You will remit to her my casket, in which all my private papers are kept.

They say Shuffles is teasing him to remit the rest of the penalty.

By these reasons he was persuaded to bridle his anger, and remit the severity of his oath.

But he reserved to himself alone the power to remit the entire satisfaction.

To show that no injury to his fortunes was intended, the King was pleased to remit the tax of 300l.

I could indeed, and would, remit a trifle, on hearing the worst.

Remit as much of your money as you can to where it will be secure from the spoilers.