Remitted [verb]

Definition of Remitted:

send, transfer

Synonyms of Remitted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remitted:

Sentence/Example of Remitted:

The pardon cannot touch the guilt; but when the guilt is remitted, there is still the penalty.

If this tax was remitted, would you not get work yourselves, and on your own account too?

This amount was remitted, in the twelve months preceding the war, in specie.

Money was remitted to London either by carrier or through some merchant.

As he was a poor man the debt was remitted, but he was obliged to leave the province.

He desired nothing that was not his own, and remitted much that was.

Dicky saw this, and remitted at once; always remembering that Rs.

The great duties on salt conveyed into the interior, were remitted.

July 13, 1778, Franklin remitted to Hartley the lists of English prisoners.

In this year, all debts were to be remitted, and slaves set at liberty.