Remitting [verb]

Definition of Remitting:

send, transfer

Synonyms of Remitting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remitting:

Sentence/Example of Remitting:

Sir Archibald would not further humiliate the boy by remitting the debt.

The colonel's cure is remitting the whole thing to army control.

But this term, like the other, passed over, and there was no sign of remitting my punishment.

If it was legal, there was no ground for remitting any part of it.

The motion was carried unanimously, as the one remitting the claim for salvage had been.

This fever may be either intermittent, remitting, or continued, and typhoid.

And between the remitting of a punishment, and the remitting of reparations of my loss.

Remitting his efforts too soon—again the infant ceased to breathe.

The Danish Company was the only means of remitting which remained.

He should, of course, undertake to provide for them, remitting them a liberal annual sum.