Remnant [noun]

Definition of Remnant:

leftover part

Synonyms of Remnant:

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Sentence/Example of Remnant:

All that is left of the Cheyenne Bundle is now with the remnant of the tribe in Oklahoma.

When day broke they succeeded in wearing the ship with a remnant of the spritsail.

I said, holding up his wrist where the remnant of the cord was hanging.

We believe that, for many years, no remnant of it has existed in the United States.

In the forests the loggers were tearing and slashing into all but the remnant of the 96 timber.

Tradition told them of many destructions of mankind and of the preservation of a remnant.

The Creator in Plato is still subject to a remnant of necessity which he cannot wholly overcome.

"Glad your senility has not affected that remnant of your common-sense," he declared.

If my remnant of a conscience presumed to rise and reprove me, I stamped it down.

Thus they picked up the remnant of Neon's party and returned to camp.