Remnants [noun]

Definition of Remnants:

leftover part

Synonyms of Remnants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remnants:







Sentence/Example of Remnants:

By morning the remnants of the British force were in desperate straits.

It was still strewn with the remnants of our meal and with empty bottles.

The remnants of the Austrians had definitely retired northward.

But none of those shadows—tops of trees, remnants of walls—moved.

Job, still ornamented with remnants of the fly paper, slunk at his heels.

He pushed a smoldering log with his foot toward the remnants of the embers.

Presently the remnants would be swept into the sea by the passing breezes.

The paste and the paste-brush and the remnants of the Telegraph were carried out into the passage.

There they were, of all kinds, the remnants of stores from seven voyages.

There are the remnants of the Turks who at one time threatened the conquest of all Europe.