Remodeled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Remodeled:

They've remodeled the building at Highacres this summer and completed one addition.

They not only explored, but in their imagination they remodeled it.

Both houses are a little old-fashioned, but could easily be remodeled.

These remodeled cottages are, perhaps, the prettiest of all.

You are to live in your husbands tent, which has been remodeled for you.

Old Main was remodeled and a women's dormitory erected near it.

When the new Gothic choir was under way the nave of 1130 was remodeled.

The Cossack persecution of the Jews, in a sense, remodeled Judaism.

So I deduced a house recently remodeled by use of a certain kind of shingles.

Another interesting feature of bone is the ease with which it can be remodeled.