Remodeling [noun]

Definition of Remodeling:


Synonyms of Remodeling:

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Sentence/Example of Remodeling:

Have you any suggestions to make in regard to remodeling the libel laws?

Doesn't that ask for a remodeling of the accepted theory of good and evil?

We have much cleaning and remodeling to do before we are ready to receive visitors.

There is a certain fascination connected with the remodeling of a farmhouse.

It is not a creation that is demanded—simply a remodeling or expansion.

According to actual record, only $2,798 was spent on remodeling.

I cant say as to that, answered Don, but I do know that hes a good hand at remodeling golf balls.

During the remodeling, the Straights lived in the spring house, which they called “The Cottage.”

Under the direction of Mr. George Hunt Ingraham, the remodeling was begun.

This is but one of those ingenious methods by which remodeling is made successful.