Remorse [noun]

Definition of Remorse:

guilty or bad conscience

Synonyms of Remorse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remorse:

Sentence/Example of Remorse:

What if Remorse should assume the features of an injured friend?

A feeling of remorse came over him as he put the book on the table.

No remorse could have come to him with a step more certain or more conquering.

But you would pardon me if you knew how much I have suffered from it, and how keen my remorse has been.

But my remorse for all this was deep, and my sufferings, in consequence, were as great as yours.

There is nothing more distressing than remorse without will.

The revulsion of feeling, the unspeakable horror, the remorse, was more than I could bear.

It was followed by a fear, an appalling fear, more painful than the remorse.

Yes, remorse, for having so long deserted you: he fears that you will hate him.

Not all the memories of that early day are quite unspotted by remorse.