Remote [adjective]

Definition of Remote:

out-of-the-way; in the distance

Opposite/Antonyms of Remote:

Sentence/Example of Remote:

I beg, that I may not be sacrificed to projects, and remote contingencies.

Until now he had kept his place in the remote corner of the balcony.

He took up a point as remote as might be from the personal appeal.

Their surprise was great; for they had not the most remote idea of her intentions.

And how, poor Alice, in that remote village, was chance to throw him in your way?

I arose one September morning, my heart leaping with some remote joy.

Explorations must be made into the remote and obscure beginnings of sex.

“You are putting rather a remote contingency to the front,” said von Francius.

We shall not consider these animals any further, as they are too remote to interest us here.

No image is too remote, no thought too lofty for his purpose.