Remotest [adjective]

Definition of Remotest:

out-of-the-way; in the distance

Opposite/Antonyms of Remotest:

Sentence/Example of Remotest:

Within a few minutes, it was heard in the remotest room in the College.

"I haven't the remotest idea," said Davenport, as if vastly bored.

"I haven't the remotest idea, Tony," Jan replied, with the utmost sincerity.

I laughed, for I thought what he hinted at to be of the remotest likelihood.

"Naturally, I haven't the remotest notion," replied his father.

And who should warrant us that the Red-coats should not pursue us to remotest fastnesses?

I did not know enough of her brother for the remotest guess at what he might be like.

How he "stood" in Abel Kraus's books he had not the remotest idea.

This time Dalgleish of Raxmathrapple had not the remotest chance.

As to where I went for the next few hours I never had the remotest idea.