Removes [verb]

Definition of Removes:

lift or move object; take off, away

Opposite/Antonyms of Removes:

Sentence/Example of Removes:

As soon as he removes the cork, the water will pour out of the holes at the bottom.

Rises, removes a small screen to reveal a towering pile of tomes.

When, walking with a lady, he meets a gentleman whom he knows, he removes his hat.

The withdrawal of the tongue (B) removes the pollen from its pouch.

But Dr. Drpfeld's demonstration 46 removes all possible doubt.

(b)  It removes the living God to an infinite distance from human life.

It removes from our surroundings any influence which is solely mechanical.

It is a conviction which removes doubt, and satisfies the soul on the question.

But there is one proof more, which, in my mind, removes all doubt.

This removes it at once beyond the special care of the founder.