Removing [verb]

Definition of Removing:

lift or move object; take off, away

Opposite/Antonyms of Removing:

Sentence/Example of Removing:

Mr. Milbrey glanced at the two shells of the orange which the butler was then removing.

"Good-morning, sir," said Robert, removing his hat on entering.

Get it ready for canning by husking it and removing the silk.

Some other patients, whom one could not think of removing, also remained in the carriage.

She merely felt that by removing it he would be more at ease for his work.

But now why was Guillaume removing all the powder which he had been preparing for some time past?

On removing my finger, it shot back to its place again, with a spring.

At our second interview he was removing his hat and addressing me as "sir."

He sat up, and, removing his pipe, dashed the charred ashes from its bowl.

Peel the marrows thinly, and cut them in quarters, removing the seeds.