Renewing [adjective]

Definition of Renewing:


Opposite/Antonyms of Renewing:

Sentence/Example of Renewing:

I shuddered at the thought of renewing my unspeakable dismay.

"Father and Mr. Holway were renewing acquaintanceship," she observed, cheerfully.

Let into it the new and renewing principle of love, and property will be universality.

He then lost no time in extinguishing his fire and renewing his journey.

Yes; I went down for the sake of renewing an old acquaintance, and I renewed it.

Basle, though quite a town in Cæsar's day, is renewing her youth.

Or by renewing the action of the stomach by slight electric shocks.

He began, immediately after his arrival in Spain, to form plans for renewing the war.

So shall we know Thee as the Holy One, consuming the sin, renewing the sinner.

It is this ever renewing interest which is one of the great charms of the science.