Renounced [verb]

Definition of Renounced:

abandon, reject

Opposite/Antonyms of Renounced:

Sentence/Example of Renounced:

For every sauce invented and accepted a vice is renounced and forgiven.

He chose his course, knowing all that he renounced, and he chose it wisely.

He renounced his country; but could not renounce his character.

Why does the whole world, with all its delights, exist if it is sinful and must be renounced?

She must renounce everything for the man who had renounced everything for her.

From that time forward he renounced society and all worldly pleasures.

The world had renounced his father because his father had first renounced the world.

I can't forget that he renounced reason because it was unpleasant.

Heyst stared at the guests whom the renounced world had sent him thus at the end of the day.

At the same time he renounced none of his excessive caution.