Renounces [verb]

Definition of Renounces:

abandon, reject

Opposite/Antonyms of Renounces:

Sentence/Example of Renounces:

Now my father is dead, I will have nothing to do with the world, and will renounce it for ever.

She was to renounce her father and take the name of Bohun———.

Will you undertake to make her renounce the earl, who, I believe, is the devil incarnate?

He renounced his country; but could not renounce his character.

Attend carefully then to this necessary deity, and renounce the other.

I renounce, I deny life, I wholly refuse it, I spit upon it.

Must he then throw away his pen, renounce action, and do nothing in future but exist?

And therefore I could not be angry with him or renounce his company, any more than I could hope to win him.

Then, Protagoras, which of the two assertions shall we renounce?

She must renounce everything for the man who had renounced everything for her.