Renowned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Renowned:

You must exercise the strength of mind for which you are renowned, and make the best of it.'

He had now only to meet the youngest; and, to the opinion of all, the least renowned of the challengers.

They say he was the boldest rider in Ireland, and a renowned duellist too.

Our law is renowned for never being swayed by sentimental reasons.

He is by far the most renowned of the Dutch portrait-painters of this period.

The renowned Nerpani, or Nerpania, "waterless track," begins at Gibti.

Among the guests was the renowned Dyveke, who outshone all in beauty.

Yes, said Maya, proud and happy that her nation was so respected and renowned.

And yet already he had become the most renowned man in the Russian capital!

We had a good look at the renowned chin, which is well worth study.