Rented [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Rented:

Three seats were rented by him in a central part of the large church.

Mr. Jenkins, the grocer, rented a cutaway, and bought a new Panama to wear with it.

He rented a car at a local garage, and drove himself out into the country.

She would officially succeed to the chamber she had rented so long.

I had lost all hope of being cured, rented my farm and given up.

He came over from New York about a year ago and rented this old house.

Taylor rented the upper floor of a house a quarter of a mile from the bank.

So she remained in the house Barnes had rented shortly before his death.

Then we moved to Harlem and I rented this place for the summer.

The small house in which I boarded in Macquarie Street was rented at £5 10s.