Renter [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Renter:

A renter must have animals of his own, and is obliged to feed them and to keep up his tools.

He did not turn around and renter the hotel by the main door.

Old Lee lives there, I said, as we passed the house of the renter on our farm.

They would be able to renter the world after a long retirement.

There's only one key of No. 39 in the key-safe, and it's the renter's key.'

He is here a citizen, a contributor to the city treasury, if not directly as a taxpayer, as a worker and renter.

A law that will allow no renter to make money off a house that is not decent to shelter human beings.'

The renter warden lost £446 of the Company's money, but the Company's plate was buried safely in a sewer in the garden.

The renter proved an indifferent farmer, and the rent scarcely sufficed to pay the taxes and winter the cattle.

And yet, during those last weeks at Elkhorn, he was not at all sure that he wished to renter the turmoil.