Rents [noun]

Definition of Rents:

fee paid for use, service, or privilege

Synonyms of Rents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rents:

Sentence/Example of Rents:

The rest they'll split up into several farms and rent for the present.

When I got up I was not able to make my rent out of my land.

I am a weaver, sir: for my rent they seized my two looms; then I had nothing to do.

I set them for rent to put bread into my children's mouth, and after all I cannot get it!

We could rent a little house and you'd have hardly anything to do.

If wrong had chanced to her, I would have rent you where you stand, limb from limb.

Then we shall have something to eat to-night, and may be able to do something towards the rent.

You shall pay me rent for it, and you shall give it up whenever you please.

All at once he noticed a rent in his trousers, between the knee and the instep.

They'll provide enough money to pay the rent of a smaller office.